Brand Development

Putting pop to a digital agency

We Love Digital was an independent Digital Design studio based in Maidstone Kent.


To help redesign, We Love Digital’s new brand and website. Along with generic branding material such as brands presentations desk, printable marketing material to email marketing.


Role: Supporting Designer / Motion Designer

Agency process Animations

The agency’s processes were designed in three illustrations. So three machine illustrations were born inspired by steampunk machinery. At first, they were static illustrations. But in my spare time, I animated them into gifs.

The first illustration designed was to highlight the creative process. Including UX to creative, Ops, development into a final product.
Above shows stages of the UX process. From user persona to user journey, wireframes, build and result.
The illustration above highlights creative concepting, interactive design and build.

Case Studies

Throughout my time at We Love Digital. I was briefed to create case study pages and worked closely with designers relating to specific projects on what parts of the project were significant to include in the case study. I also worked closely with the copywriter to create visuals that coincide with their copy.

Deck Creation

The WLD deck needed refreshing ensuring the styling was consistent. Once complete, I was responsible for any maintenance.

Promotional Documents

While creating new business documents, I had been tasked to create PDFs that go out to new clients, these were varied depending on the client’s industry type. 

Agency email campaign template

Email campaigns were created to email out to potential clients. Keeping with consistency and the feel of the WLD brand identity.

Promotional Campaign Cards

WLD needed to find a UX architect and digital designer.

I designed business promotional cards for Comic-con 2016, by illustrating Pokemon faces onto business cards. To work alongside the theme of the promotional campaign, for a new position.


Case study pages
Deck pages
Blog posts